Psychological Safety at Work

Duration: 1 Day

Purpose and Objectives

Psychological safety is the principle that where we allow people to feel safe in the workplace and allow them to contribute their ideas and concerns, we are considerably more likely to develop a culture of knowledge and innovation. 

Where fear at work is the dominating factor and people are scared to speak up through a worry that they will be dismissed, suppressed, ridiculed or even threatened, the chances of errors and mistakes increases while opportunities for growth are reduced.

The aim of creating a culture of psychological safety is to remove the feeling employees have that they should, ‘fit in’, ‘know their place’, ‘toe the line’ and go along with things in order to be accepted. By developing a culture that goes against this model and allows people to feel safe, empowered, fearless and able to speak up, we allow individuals to grow and excel and encourage performance improvements within the organisation.

During this training, we will be exploring these concepts and establishing how we can help develop a culture that exhibits psychological safety traits, giving you the skills to minimise errors and unleash the talent within your organisation. 

At the end of the training you will be able to:


  • Explain the concept of psychological safety


  • Measure how psychologically safe your workplace is currently


  • Identify what might be hindering psychological safety in your teams


  • Create actions to help you build a psychologically safe workplace


Course main headings

Understanding Psychological Safety


  • Psychological Safety and Accountability

  • Why don’t employees speak up?


How Psychologically Safe is Our Workplace?


Psychological Safety Case Studies


Positive Examples


Developing Psychological Safety – Key Steps


  • Setting the Stage

  • Inviting Participation

  • Responding Productively


Developing Psychological Safety – Leadership Actions


Aimed at all employees in the organisation

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