Mindfulness work-based therapy


    MBSR Minfulness based stress releif

Mindfulness meditation is being offered at some of the world’s biggest companies, such as Google, GlaxoSmithKline and KPMG, to cut workplace stress and boost productivity.

Stress and anxiety cost UK businesses £6.5bn a year, it’s no surprise that companies are investing in mindfulness: business magazines and HR journals are open about how it can boost profits. And research has shown how mindfulness reduces sunk-cost bias, where business leaders obsess about lost causes at the expense of more pressing concerns and decisions.

Mindfulness will encourage colleagues to be kind to each other, and help bosses make better decisions (in the interest of the bottom line, of course) and we might all work faster. But removing the negative thoughts from our minds also makes us more accepting of our lot. Even for people who are inclined to challenge the status quo, a course of mindfulness will make them less likely to question why they aren’t getting the extra holiday, longer lunch breaks or reduced working hours to reward improved productivity. Mindfulness will evolve and more….


  1. Better informed decision making

  2. Improved communication 

  3. Confident teams and team leaders 

  4. Creative flair 

  5. Resilient to changes

  6. Wellbeing increased 

  7. Mindful staff 

  8. The list goes on but do you really need any more reasons?!

  9. Team members who want to gain a better understanding of difficult problems and think innovatively

  10. Team members who would like to learn how to better cope with difficult situations 

  11. Teams who feel they could work better together but need a guiding hand 

  12. Team members who feel they could communicate more effectively with others 

  13. Managers who wish to reduce conflicts in their teams

  14. Those who are involved in reorganisation and downsizing

  15. Team members who feel they could be more productive 

  16. Team members who feel they would benefit from being able to focus more effectively.

  17. Managers who want to help create a positive, healthy working environment.

Mindfulness workplace therapy includes a combination of meditation, thought change therapy, hypnotherapy. emotional Intelligence, stress coping strategies

How does it work?


The company books a set amount of days i.e. One day a week for 8 weeks

On that day six 1-1 sessions 1 hour-long approximately

Six members of the company who are looking for inspiration, or looking to address issues in their life or they merely wish to have a beautifully relaxing experience. They attend the 1-1 session for four weeks and transformation will unfold for them.
Then another 6 individuals attend for another 4 weeks and on it continues if the company wishes to explore wellbeing in the workforce.
Or you can book 1 day a month unfolding on the same basis

All possibilities exist

                                                                   Accredited by pure potential and quantum possibilities

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