Raymond Young PhD Milm Misc BAHyp Dip Quantum Phy DipSM Health and Safety
Raymond was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland in the late 50’s. 
Even at a young age, he observed how his friends and family experienced fear, suffering, and the pressure of expectation.

He became aware that he did not experience the same suffering, despite facing the same social and financial challenges. He transformed every hardship into an opportunity to learn, grow and create a more enlightened and joyful life experience.

Raymond, and wife Dawn Louise have helped countles people to transform their lives by exploring and expanding their consciousness.He is disciplined in the following and believes that everyone has pure potential and quantum possibilities at their disposal if they only allowed it to flow through them they would bring  love joy and happyness into their lives.

Practical Management For Business

Mindfulness Trainer in the corporate world

Management Development Training

Health & Safety Consultant and Trainer

NVQ Assessor and Internal Verifier

Corporate Stress Management

NLP Practitioner and Trainer

Life Coaching


Mindfulness Teacher/ Trainer

Consciousness Expansion
Crystal Healing Therapy

D.N.A Activation Energy

Indian Head Massage

Spiritual Healing



Reiki Master