Emotional Intelligence (EI)

Duration: 1 Day


Emotional Intelligence (EI) is a large field covering many aspects of our behaviour. Ultimately, our intention is to live a life that allows us fulfil our dreams. For this, we need to understand what we want, where we want to go, how we are progressing and how our thoughts are shaping our future. These fall under personal skills. In-line with our personal development, we also need to focus on how best we can interact with others, help them and get them to help us get closer to our goals. 

Personal and interpersonal skills are directly related and feed off each other. For example, if you are good at self-awareness, you can understand how you feel about others and why you think the way you do. You can stop getting emotional easily and subsequently improve your interactions with others. Equally, being able to listen to people to establish relationships can lead you to discover how others see you. This in turn increases your self-awareness. 

Although personal and interpersonal skills are related, a good way to master them is to focus on each set exclusively and improve each competency within these areas based on specific goals. This is the approach taken in Advanced EI courses and you get to practice several techniques to improve each competency. 

Target audience

Anyone who wants to start to make a positive difference in everything they do.

Course Competencies

By the end of this training course participants will have a better understanding, awareness and practical application for:

Personal Skills





Interpersonal Skills

Social Awareness 



Social Knowledge 

Understanding Others 

Social Facility

Verbal and Non-Verbal Synching




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